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Dr. James Karls

CompuPIE (2016) is dedicated to Dr. James Karls who died on June 29, 2008 soon after the first CompuPIe Manual (2008) was published.  One of his key contributions to social work was the development of the PIE system. Using the philosophy underpinning social work practice of the Person-In-Environment, he developed a 4 - factor system that addresses the whole person. PIE has been viewed as providing an alternative to the medical model that has traditionally dominated mental health practice.   Dr. Karls had an extensive career in social work as a practitioner, administrator and educator. He received numerous awards during his lifetime including the NASW Lifetime Achievement Award.  Dr. Karls founded the California Hall of Distinction that honors past and present social workers and to which he was later inducted.
It is my hope that CompuPIE, 2017 will continue to further the work of Dr. Karls and his dedication to the PIE System. 
Maura O’Keefe, LCSW, Ph. D